Troubleshooting CephFS CSI



I’ve been dealing with issues using CephFS-backed PVs on my home K8S cluster for a while now. The volumes provision just fine, but when the first consumer pod goes to mount them, it’ll get stuck in ContainerCreating.

Looking at events with k describe pod $pod or k events, I’d see instances of this:

Warning  FailedMount  97s (x5 over 13m)  kubelet  (combined from similar events): MountVolume.MountDevice failed for volume
    "pvc-cb59b36c-5f85-48cb-9ded-13e5bcb6dbac" : rpc error: code = Internal desc = an error (exit status 32) occurred while
    running mount args:
        [-t ceph,,
        -o name=kubernetes,secretfile=/tmp/csi/keys/keyfile-2403993821,mds_namespace=k8s-cephfs,ms_mode=secure,_netdev]
    stderr: unable to get monitor info from DNS SRV with service name: ceph-mon
    2024-03-27T01:53:00.361+0000 7f0a183420c0 -1 failed for service _ceph-mon._tcp
    mount error: no mds server is up or the cluster is laggy

and looking at the node running that pod, I’d see the following in dmesg:

[2089407.275648] libceph: mon0 (2) server is speaking msgr1 protocol
[2089408.299738] libceph: mon0 (2) server is speaking msgr1 protocol
[2089409.579749] libceph: mon1 (2) server is speaking msgr1 protocol
[2089409.831836] libceph: mon1 (2) server is speaking msgr1 protocol
[2089410.348331] libceph: mon1 (2) server is speaking msgr1 protocol

This had flummoxed me for a while and become one of those on-again-off-again troubleshooting issues that I seem to collect. I’d mostly worked around the issue by no longer using CephFS volumes, which was subpar. Note that I am not using Rook – I run a Ceph cluster on my Proxmox hosts and make that available to my k8s cluster via CephFS and RBD CSI plugins deployed manually.

Kagiing1 this issue yielded…nothing helpful. One thing I can tell you is this:

stderr: unable to get monitor info from DNS SRV with service name: ceph-mon is a useless generic error. This message appears whenever pretty much anything has gone wrong with a Ceph CSI mount. If you see it, ignore it.

The msgr1 protocol message also seemed to be irrelevant, of course that port’s speaking msgr1!


Well, ackshually…the msgr1 protocol message was the key. You see, somehow the CephFS StorageClass had gotten an extra mount option. It had ms_mode=secure set. That was causing it to try to speak msgr2 to the Ceph mons, which wouldn’t answer msgr2 on the msgr1 port.

The “somehow” bit is still a bit confusing. I don’t know where it came from – I’m pretty sure it was never part of the setup steps (not that those are super concise, but I should put my PRs where my mouth is). The StorageClass definition in my cluster is in source control and managed by ArgoCD. While of course most of the storageclass.spec fields are immutable after creation, the yaml file in my repo did not have the ms_mode=secure mount option set! I would expect Argo to throw a hissy fit that a resource was out of sync, but that didn’t happen either.

So I ended up having to delete the StorageClass in-cluster and re-apply from the yaml file. Yes, this seems to be safe to do. Yes, I’m a K8S expert. No, I’m not your K8S expert, don’t delete random things in a cluster without a good backup strategy.

Incidentally, this fixed Velero backups for my couple of outstanding CephFS volumes that were mysteriously still working.

Another Related Issue

I had a related issue some time ago with similar symptoms but different errors. I didn’t think to note it down then, but it seems relevant to at least call out in the hope it is a spark of insight for anyone else experiencing it.

It was more-or-less this issue which manifests similarly with the useless red herring stderr: unable to get monitor info from DNS SRV with service name: ceph-mon message.

The problem here was in a removed mountOption that called for debug.

…and its solution

Remove all mountOptions from your CephFS StorageClass, and update your existing PVs using something like this:


# Get a list of PVs with the csi-cephfs-sc saorage class. Adjust to your needs.
PVs=$(kubectl get pv -o=jsonpath='{.items[?(@.spec.storageClassName=="csi-cephfs-sc")]}')

for pv in $PVs; do
  # Use kubectl patch to remove the spec.mountOptions field.
  kubectl patch pv $pv --type=json -p='[{"op": "remove", "path": "/spec/mountOptions"}]'



CephFS does not need any mountOptions on its StorageClass. Remove them. Remove them from your PVs if need be.

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